Rachel and I are finishing up our first week in Africa. Most of the kinks have been worked out of our living arrangements (though our water pump and Air Conditioner went out two nights ago, so we're hot and basically showerless, yuck). It has been absolutely wonderful so far; nothing has happened yet that has made us want to hop on the first plane back to the States :)

The success of the teaching seminar we did with the team exceeded our expectations by leaps and bounds. We worked with 30 teachers (the best of the best teachers who work with the best of the best students) to present a sort of "How to Teach Literature" seminar.  For three days we dicussed character development (Greg adapted the DISC profile test), plot lines, thematics, and teaching methodologies. We could not be happier with the results.

Rachel and Audrey did a fantastic job telling the story of Mary and Martha from the Word to illustrate personality types. Joel gave us his words of wisdom every morning. Regina and Sandy did a wonderful job of moderating the DISC test and explaining each of the character types. And Greg kept us on track, presenting the bulk of the information. The teachers loved it and seemed to really learn from us, repeatedly saying that they would take the methodologies back to their classrooms (the ONLY teaching style here is lecture and rote memorization).

The rest of the team from HHBC leaves tomorrow evening, leaving Rachel and I to help with some of our friends' ESL classes and Walk intentionally through the city, speaking Truth where we can. Lift us up so that He will provide us with opportunities to do so in the next few weeks.



Melissa Hatter
06/23/2012 12:02

Eric and Rachel,
Glad to hear things are going well there, except of course for the heat and lack of water! I've taught Ayden how to pray for you both and he's working on it. I hope you continue to have opportunities to reach out to the lost around you! Love, Melissa


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