Thinking about someone and praying for someone are not the same thing.

Have you ever been going through the day and, seemingly at random, a person or situation pops into your mind? I am sure all of us would be quick to say that the Holy Spirit lays those things on us and that it is a perfect time to pray for them. But that isn't always what we do, right?

If you are anything like me, when that happens you begin to let that person dwell in your mind for a while, analyzing the last thing you said to them (or they said to you), wondering why the friendship isn't as strong as it used to be. Or if they are still a good friend or close family member, you might begin remembering good times that you have had and just enjoy having them as a friend.

We start thinking about the person or problem and all of a sudden, we have to go to a meeting and realize that we haven't even bothered to pray for them like we know we should.

Next time the Holy Spirit brings someone to the front of your mind, be intentional in praying for them, calling out to our Father to let the Holy Spirit work in their life, and not just thinking about them.

Do you guys run into the issue in your life? How are you intentional to combat it?


06/22/2012 08:37

Love this thought, and it fits perfectly with this week's Sunday school lesson on meeting needs so Lauren Bruce and I are going to have you be our "guest speaker". I think this'll spark some really great conversation. Hope all's well in Africa!


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